Take a Load Off!

And here we are. Welcome to The Training Wheeled Mom, my first blog. This is my run-on-sentence-get-every-word-out-before-you-chicken-out safe space. It’s where I am going to divulge my life, learning and growing with my little man, as he does the same himself. I can’t wait to get started!

A little background information on me.

My name is Jessica. I married a man in the Army in 2011 and have been learning the ropes of a “milspouse” for the last few years. I went back to school in 2014 to become a physical therapist assistant. You know, the typical “bettering myself and having a portable career to go along with a husband in the military” type job. Well, about two years ago we decided to embark on a new journey and expand our little family. And what do you know, we move cross country the day after I graduate, to a place that doesn’t support my career choice, on top of having an infant with a few allergies and a really good metabolism that keeps him from gaining weight.

Easy to say, this lands me smack dab in the middle of NOWHERE! I find myself stuck somewhere between withdrawn and hopeful. I was so busy going to appointments for my little man that having a job just wasn’t feasible. I stumbled upon the position of Stay at Home mom, something I NEVER thought I’d ever be! Downer alert! Quitting that. For now!

Now, don’t go expecting some crazy, extravagant sort of lifestyle to pop out of this blog. It’s simply just my voice, how I see things, and my way of keeping myself from losing my mind. We all need our vices, right?!

Onto my heart! My little love! My crazy, feral child! My Zachary!!!


This kiddo, like any other kid, comes with his own set of heavy, HEAVY baggage! He’s a little human too, right?! We have had quite the adventure this last year and two months with him and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Little guy has had a whirlwind of a first year himself. From really bad eczema, failure to thrive, and food allergies, he has seen a lot of hospitals and doctors offices. I thank the stars and moon everyday that he deals with manageable issues that don’t hold him back (despite what his doctors think for this zero percentile kiddo!). Now that he has hit a year, things have really settled down and I’ve learned how to sift through all the BS his doctors try to push on him.

So again, welcome. Take a load off and learn from me as I venture into blogging, parenting, exercising, housewife-ing, and whatever else I can get myself into!


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