Late Night Workouts

So a few years ago, my husband introduced me to the gym. What started out as a means of spending time with my husband, quickly became an obsession…a passion…a lifestyle. I thank him everyday for giving me the knowledge and drive to hit the weights and hit them hard.

pic 1

The husband, Chris, and I on a marriage retreat in Phoenix, AZ in 2015. This was about two years after I first began weight lifting.

Pre-baby physique, circa 2014.

I wasn’t always this way. When I hit my junior year of high school, like many others, I stopped exercising because gym class wasn’t a requirement. It wasn’t a priority for me, nor was it something I was comfortable doing. And when you hit 17 years old and find out how amazingly easy it is to bake delicious cookies, somehow it all just hits the hips and thighs (at least for me, anyways).  This is in no way a means of saying that I was overweight. I’ve always been of a teeny build at only 5’3″ in my mid-20s, but I was far from fit or healthy. I think the term a lot of folks on social media are using nowadays is “skinny-fat.”

pic 4

I have no shame, what can I say?! circa 2009.

Now that I’ve had a baby, it makes my obsession a bit more difficult to carry out, but I’ve tried my best to fit it in as often as possible to keep my sanity. I also know I want to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle for my little man. As hard as it may be, I want to show him that being active, even when it’s challenging, is important to our health.

I usually don’t get the chance to fit a workout in until after little man goes down. With the teething he’s been doing lately, it’s made for some fun evenings the second I finish showering and am ready to hop on the couch to relax. Yay, motherhood!!!

Last night, I worked on chest, predominantly, and added in a bit of leg work, like always (since I usually sissy out on my actual leg days!). It’s nothing crazy or incredibly intense, but I’d love to share my workouts with any of you readers, should you choose to do the same.

I do chest because as a lot of you may know, any amount of breastfeeding can possibly leave the “girls” feeling less than “perky” after weaning off. Although I only breastfed for a few weeks (latch issues and poor first-time mommy timing and eating to pump), I found myself in the less than perky category afterwards.

Chest Day

Push ups                                           1 x 20 x BW
BB Flat Bench Press                        1 x 5 x 75#;                                                                                                                                               3 x 4 x 85#;                                                                                                                                               2 x 3 x 90#;                                                                                                                                               4 x 10 x 65# rvrs grp
SS: DB Incline Press                        4 x 8-12 x 15#
DB Incline Close grip Press     4 x 10 x 15#
Walking BB Lunge                    4 x 20 x 45#
Flat DB Flyes                                    2 x 15 x 15#
Incline DB Flyes                              2 x 15 x 12#
Push ups                                           1 x 20, 15
BB Front Squats                              3 x 7 x 45#
Banded Tricep Push Dwn             3 x 25 x Black band
Bench Crunches                              3 x 15
Random Obliques                           3 x 15 both sides

Like I said, it’s an obsession. After putting little man down and washing up the dishes in the sink, I usually don’t get the gumption to walk out to our garage gym until 9 PM or so. But I live for the sweat and the stress relief once I get into that moment.

Feel free to drop me a comment below, letting me know if you work out or have any suggestions. I’d love to know what you all do when you exercise!


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