Tuesday’s Workout

Okay, so this is a little late. But hey, what hot mess of a mom isn’t late?! I got to workout on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and figured I would share my Tuesday routine with anyone interested. Thursday was fairly limited on time and I just blasted through a low rep, heavy weight chest day. I gave most of my time to only incline bench press (my weak lift).

My workout Tuesday was a lighter day. I did focus a bit on shoulder accessory type work toward the end, but stuck with a few circuits for the most part. Working shoulders and back have always been my favorite things to work on. I’ve somehow lived with poor posture for more than half my short life and boy, does postural work just set me right?! But back to the stress relief.

I started with a Barbell circuit, completing 5 rounds of 5 repetitions each exercise. Did my best to allow no more than 5 seconds rest between exercises and about 30-45 seconds rest between rounds. Simple stuff! Just blast the legs a bit and get everything pumping.

Next came a Landmine circuit, 4 rounds this time with 10 repetitions for each exercise. Same parameters for rest, except catching your breath is fun (if you’re not a fan of cardio type workouts like myself) because you complete 10 repetitions on both sides of your body. Yay, for that good, old fat burning zone! 

Threw in an Abdominal circuit. My least favorite! Five rounds this time, 10 repetitions per exercise, and minimal rest. 

The accessory work was fairly random for sets, reps, and rest. I’m a lazy, forgetful counter and tend to work in rep ranges. As I mentioned before, I did focus on shoulders. I do love getting my shoulders a little warmed up with some light band work, beforehand. Throw a resistance band around the forearms. Do a few choo-choos forward and back, stir the pot (clockwise and counter-clockwise), figure 8s, and some internal and external rotations. Quick and easy to get my shoulders woken up and stable.

Give it a try, if you’d like. I’m no professional, nor am I intense about my workouts. I’m just a crazy, weightlifting obsessed chick, who wishes she could lift a car or bus or train! Let me know how it goes. And feel free to share any advice or tips! 


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